Introduce the Major protocol

Major protocol aims to improve the complexity, hassle, and excessive spending of blockchain economic activities, such as swaps, staking, and mining, caused by distributed systems.
Major World Metaverse is being built to allow free transmission to proceed at a simpler, easier and cheaper fee than the existing system. It can provide a more advanced decentralized system to numerous De-fi users around the world. 

Welcome users to Major World Metaverse.


Major protocol is a Defi platform where various types of  Defi transactions such as Swap, Staking, and Mining take place, and We would like to fuse the NFT platform, 
which runs one-step from Minting to actual transactions, into one space.  
And it is designed to increase user convenience by building a convergence platform in an intuitive 2D graphics-based metaverse space, and to simultaneously conduct Defi and NFT transactions in a simplified interface. Major World Metaverse provides cute avatar characters to  registered users, and avatar characters can be moved with 
simple manipulation. Users themselves can travel around Metaverse spaces as if they were traveling to and from various places in the game, registering and selling NFT, and trading such as Swap and Staking. LP acquisition is possible as compensation for liquidity supply, and integrated systems of various configurations are available. 

We designated this space as the Major Pocket Market Place (MPMP). Major World Metaverse also uses Major protocol as a governance token and is designed to allow various base altcoins such as ERC-20, BSC, and SOL to be swapped at the same time, allowing free NFT registration, purchase, and sales through MPMP. Major World Metaverse will design the real world of digital virtual currency as our own space and provide faster services to users.

1. Goals for issuing major protocols.
1-1 Value as Governance currency




1-2 Relationship with ERC_20




1-3 Web approval. 










1-4 Binance Smart Chain (BSC)








1-5. Key functions of the major protocol.

1-1 Value as Governance currency

Major protocol has the value of a governance token that serves as the main currency in MPMP and can be used in all spaces.
Major protocol also plans to continue development and external activities for the purpose of swapping regardless of the type of affiliates that Altcoin belongs to.

1-2 Relationship with ERC_20

In MPMP, all Ethereum-based tokens can be swapped with Major protocol, and Major protocol can be swapped with all Ethereum-based tokens. Ethereum fees are not paid in MPMP space.


1-3 Web approval

All transactions are SWAP at a standardized market price with an automation system applied through web approval. Among the list of DEX exchanges where token SWAP is possible, the place with the  lowest commission rate is automatically extracted and proceeded. We present the SWAP system of metamask as an example

Metamask, one of the representative wallets of virtual currency, checks the price and ratio that can be swapped in real time in an average of 7 to 9 DEX and provides an optimized estimate. DEX pays more fees than CEX because it pays the token based on Gas fee. Therefore, many DEX provide an environment where you can check and swap the optimal estimate as in the example above.

1-4 BSC

The second wallet system provided by Major Pocket Market Place is based on BSC. Currently, 
Altcoin's Swap can only be paired with coins with the same base. Therefore, the possession of coins can only be stored in the wallet based on the coin.

Major protocol will be implemented to build bridge connections between Ethereum and Binance smart chains to enable hold and swap in both BSC-based wallets and ERC20_based wallets.

1-5. Key functions of the major protocol.

The swap system provided by MPMP is not an ERC_20-based token swap and a BSC-based token swap using each-based wallet, but a major protocol of MPMP's own wallet, where both Ethereum and Binance smart chain tokens are swapped.

2. Purpose of foundation integration.
2-1. based understanding of        integration. 



















2-2. Results of Foundation Integration.

2-1. Understanding of Foundation Integration
The biggest advantage of users using the DEX exchange is that they can purchase tokens that are not registered on the general centralized exchange, and they can also swap as much as they want. However, token swaps through decentralized exchanges have high commission costs, and there are some complicated procedures based on the second basis. 

Example) The standard of the Ethereum token swap.
Deposit -> General Exchange -> Ethereum Purchase -> Ethereum withdrawal -> Metamask ->  Decentralized Exchange -> Swap

Example) Based on the token swap of Binance Smartchain
Deposit -> General Exchange -> Bnb Purchase -> Bnb Withdrawal -> pancake Wallet -> Decentralized Exchange -> Swap


In order to purchase tokens that do not exist on the general centralized exchange, users must withdraw coins based on ERC_20, BSC, store them in the wallet that fits the basis, and use them through the decentralized exchange that fits the basis. In addition, if the coin BSC coin does not exist, there is a hassle of having to move to the centralized exchange where the BSC coin exists and purchase it.

2-2. Results of Foundation Integration
In the case of Swap provided by Major World Metaverse, it is designed to exchange all different altcoins such as ERC_20 and BSC on one platform with Major protocol by removing the process of purchasing coins based on each base

When purchasing ERC-based coins and BSC-based coins through Major protocol, each coin is not required for the purpose of paying each fee, and a wallet connected to the base is not required. 
Through Major Pocket Marketplace, you can integrate and exchange all based coins with one Major Token (see Major Pocket Marketplace in detail 3.)

3. Major Pocket Marketplace.










3-1 Pocket Market Place Liquidity.






3-2 Pocket Market Place Loan.

Major World Metaverse has established a pocket-type market by organizing each NFT place market and De-Fi place market currently used in the virtual currency market in a 2D graphics-based Metaverse space. MPMP can be moved by elevator, and you can set or exchange the base you want on each floor. Elevators are based on coins that can be exchanged on each floor, and you can enter the floor and swap with the token you want. Example) When entering the ERC-based floor, users can exchange all coins in the Ethereum family through Major protocol through rails.

In addition, Major World Metaverse plans to establish a swap system for all Altcoin, including Polygon and Solana, in addition to Ethereum and BSC, through next updates.

3-1 Pocket Market Place Liquidity.
Major World Metaverse is built so that each user can freely supply liquidity.
Example) Supply of existing De-Fi-type liquidity pools.

In the existing system, users needed each token to deposit in a liquidity pool. To deposit $1,000 worth of Uniswab tokens, it required $1,000 worth of Ethereum at the same time. If you register $1,000 worth of Ethereum and $1,000 worth of Uniswab tokens in a pool to provide liquidity, the value provided is not 
an extinguished value, but a way to be deposited. If another user swaps a pair of tokens deposited by the user to Ethereum to purchase the Uniswab token, a fee will be incurred in the process, and the fee will be paid to the registrant of the liquidity pool deposited by the LP token.
(Full registered users can understand the concept of depositing the value of their coins and receiving interest)

Major Pocket Marketplace allows all swaps to be applied with a single Major protocol, so liquidity pool providers do not need to hold tokens based on each base at the same time (only tethers are registered if they want to provide major protocols), and all fees incurred during the token swap process are provided to liquidity providers. Interest payments at the time of tether registration are tether, and interest payments at the time of Major protocol registration are Major protocol, and anyone can supply liquidity to the pool, and there are no fees incurred in the process of providing the pool. When tokens are supplied through liquidity pool registration, token capsules are created on each floor classified by the relevant family base.

(3. See Pocket Marketplace)

3-2 Major Pocket Market Place Loan.
Each user can register the size of the value they want to borrow through MPMP.
In the case of 3-1 reference, if the user has been provided with a fee in return for the basic pool  registration, the user can receive an interest fee at the loan stage. There is no limit to the size of  loans that individuals can register, and there is no limit to setting interest rates. Individual loans provided by MPMP are applied to the concept of 1:1 deposit swap loans through token collateral. 

Users can borrow $1,000 worth of Major protocol by registering a tether or by registering Ethereum as collateral. Receiving a token has nothing to do with the market price of the token because it repays as much as the number of tokens borrowed during repayment.

Example) Assuming that one ETH token is worth 3,000 USDT at the time of loan, even if the ETH token value at the time of repayment is applied at 2,500 USDT,

one ETH, which is the same quantity, will be repaid. In addition, the pocket market place billboard system is applied to make it easier to find the best interest rate and the place to rent the token you want, so that you can check the optimal conditions first.

4. NFT
4-1. Use of NFT Gallery.











4-2. Use of personal markets.

















4-1 Use of NFT Gallery.
Major World Metaverse was built to allow users to enter the gallery based on 2D graphics. Each base of NFT and individual artworks can be displayed in the gallery, and the exhibits can be sold and transferred according to the owner's choice. 
In addition, you can create your own collection through the opening of the gallery's private pallet, and the NFT's Minting fee is provided free of charge. (Limited ETH market based on base grade)
When NFT is created as an irreplaceable token, a token unique number is  enerated, which cannot be duplicated. Like other tokens, NFT also has a foundation for each series. Ethereum-based NFT will be built in the form of a free market for users to use for free, and BSC-based and KLAY-based will provide each individual with a pocket-type NFT place.

4-2. Use of a private market.
Currently, most NFT marketplaces consist of platforms in the same format as Open sea. The concept is that the founder of the market is provided with a fee according to the market. From the operator's point of view, there are many practical limitations in the process of opening and managing NFT Market Place. 

First, difficulties in site development technology.
Second, large-scale funds for liquidity supply.
Third, difficulty in managing such as maintenance or update.
The Major Foundation aims to provide free solutions to users who want to open NFT Marketplace through Major World Metaverse to solve the above realistic difficulties.  

(Refer to 4-1)

We provide a gallery-type personal pocket NFT market.

Users can receive solutions to register their own collections and configure their own marketplace in the space of each gallery, and each usage method will register explanatory guidelines according to the guidebook. The ownership of the marketplace in each free space is proved by NFT, and the quantity provided is limited. Through the NFT gallery provided, you can open your own NFT store, and the gallery activated by users with individual marketing skills can be freely transferred to another user.

5. The main protocol's direction.

Major World Metaverse aims to organize our own space so that anyone can easily understand and participate in the universalization of digital virtual currency, which is gradually becoming a reality.
Altcoin's base and type are infinite, and the liquidity provided by each base -connected wallet and DEX is different, so a lot of fees were inevitably paid during the swap process.
The final goal of Major World Metaverse is to provide an environment where many users can build an ecosystem and to create an ecosystem so that anyone can conveniently use it by eliminating the inconvenience of using each of the currently distributed altcoin bases. We aim to integrate all bases, including ERC_20, BSC, SOL, and KLAY, into one system through the Pocket Market Place in Major World  Metaverse, and to use the above integrated system to eliminate the need to use wallets and reduce unnecessary fees charged for each base.

Distribution plan and token details.

Symbol: MJR
Contra ct: 0x0f4415a8f9c1e a5dfa5f0fe f414853e32cd69d22
Max Tota l Supply: 3,000,000,000
De cima ls: 18
Chain: ERC_20

Major protocol